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Mike recognizes the significance of collaborative teamwork, and he believes that aligning with industry-leading professionals will deliver maximum value to all MVP clients.

Mike is proud to be part of the Sarkis Team at Douglas Elliman. The Sarkis Team is the #1 real estate team in Massachusetts. The team has a track record of selling over $1 Billion.

MVP and the Sarkis Team are both comprehensive real estate resources, boasting a dedicated team comprising of a CEO, a COO, a Director of Operations, a Marketing and Creative Director, thirteen Real Estate Advisors, seasoned mortgage lenders, skilled real estate attorneys, a talented photographer, a proficient videographer, an expert stager, and a diligent home warranty account manager. 

With MVP, buyers and sellers can expect comprehensive support from the beginning to the conclusion of their real estate transactions.

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#1 Real Estate Team in Massachusetts

$1 Billion+ Sold


Authentic. Connected. Relentless.

Buying or selling a home is much more than a real estate transaction -
more times than not, it's a life-changing experience. That's why we're relentless about sharing our expertise, leveraging our vast network, and tapping into our deep knowledge of Boston (and beyond) to help make that experience a pleasurable one.

Our mission is to elevate the art of buving and selling homes through strategic partnership, collaboration, and innovation - and to build relationships that last far beyond today's deal. We believe our success, and the success of those we work with, is predicated on our core principles of hard work, loyalty, and authenticity. We love the work we do, we love the city we call home, and we'd love to work with you.

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With deep roots in Boston and its surrounding areas, The Sarks Team is committed to elevating the art of buying and selling real estate through strategic partnersbip, collaboration, innovation, and storytelling.

Our mission is to leverage our vast network, real estate expertise, and regional knowledge to help our clients - buyers, sellers, and business alliances - have a pleasurable and profitable real estate experience.

Our success, and the success of those we work with, is predicated on our core principles of hard work, problem solving, loyalty, and authenticity.

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