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MVP offers exclusive access to both "coming soon" properties and off-market listings that are not listed on the MLS. He diligently maintains a tailored search engine that aligns with your specific requirements and criteria once your preferences are known. In this fiercely competitive real estate landscape, having pre-qualified buyers with early access to properties is of paramount significance.

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From the buyer's standpoint, whether you're a first-time homebuyer or in search of your dream home, he conducts comprehensive reviews of historical sales data, carefully evaluates budgetary considerations and timelines, offers strategic guidance for negotiations, and provides insights into the intricacies of the offer-making process. Furthermore, he can offer expert advice on the advantages of pre-approval and offer valuable guidance on remodeling and design considerations.

  • First time buyer resource

  • Budget and timeline preparation

  • Pre-approval, negotiating, and offer process overview

  • Remodel and design guidance

  • Provides and reviews historical data

  • Advises negotiating strategies and differentiators that set your offer apart

  • Explains what to expect when you make an offer

  • Delivers advice on the benefits of early pre-approval

  • Listens to your wants, needs, specs, criteria, and budget

  • There for inspection, appraisal, P&S, final walk through, close, helping you staying on track

  • Quarterbacking and owning the deal, seeing it all the way through the finish line

  • Can refer contractors, trades, painters, roofers, flooring, most who Mike has personally used as well

  • Discusses closing costs, property taxes, and home insurance

  • Has access to properties coming soon, pre MLS

  • Helps investors expand their real estate portfolio and build equity

  • Helps developers seek great opportunities which translate to great return on their initial investment on the back end

  • Offers buyers home service warranty through American Home Shield

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